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Kiewit-Turner Recognizes Local Veterans; Donates $20,000 to Denver Fisher House

From left to right: Monroe Mathias, president of Military Officers of America; Bernie Rogoff, chairman of Aurora Veteran Affairs Commission; and Conrad Sandoval, treasurer of United Veterans Committee of Colorado, were three of approximately 150 veterans recognized at Wednesday’s Veteran Recognition Lunch.

Kiewit-Turner presents the Denver Fisher House with a donation at Wednesday’s Veteran Recognition Lunch at the Replacement Medical Facility.

Kiewit-Turner yesterday donated $20,000 to the Denver Fisher House Foundation as part of their commitment to supporting and promoting quality care for veterans. The donation was announced as part of Kiewit’s annual Veteran Recognition Lunch, which included the participation of more than 150 local veterans, 1,600 employees and guests, despite temperatures in the single digits.

“At Kiewit, veterans are a vital part of our workforce. They share our core values and ‘nobody gets hurt’ safety mindset that we value above all else,” said Joe Lempka, president at Kiewit Building Group. “We are grateful and humbled by their bravery, service and sacrifice.”

“We are honored to join Kiewit in celebrating our veterans,” said Dave Duffy, project executive at Turner Construction. “This is but a small gesture of our appreciation for the service of veterans past, present and future. We thank the people of Fisher House for the work they do and the support they provide.”

According to Melanie Starkman, president of the Denver Fishers House Foundation, the donation by Kiewit-Turner will go a long way in providing temporary housing to families of veterans undergoing medical treatment or hospitalization.

“Our existing home is at capacity throughout the year and there is an increasing demand for our services,” Starkman said. “This donation is a tremendous boost to our plans to build an additional home and ensure that veterans and their families have the care and support that they need.”

The event was held at the Replacement Medical Center Facility, Eastern Colorado Health Care System, which is being constructed by Kiewit-Turner, a joint venture between Kiewit and Turner Construction. Once complete, the replacement hospital will serve more than 85,000 veterans and feature a spinal cord injury unit, community living center and research facility.

The Denver Fisher House Foundation is part of an international not-for-profit organization established to improve the quality of life for members of the military, retirees, veterans and their families.  In 2013, the organization served 22,000 families across the U.S. For more information, visit